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GMB Intro to Locomotion Workshop, 
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​GMB™ is all about helping people attain Physical Autonomy, which means having the attributes that allow you to know your body can do the things you want and need it to do. Physical Autonomy is built on 3 key elements: strength, flexibility and control. GMB fucusses on developing: strength in all directions and even in unusual positions; both flexibility and mobility in order to lessen restrictions in your ranges of motion so you can move with grace and ease; and motor control to improve your ability to direct your body’s capabilities.

The AAA Framework is the foundation of the GMB™ methodology. It is based on the understanding that self-knowledge is fundamental to improvement and stems from both clinical diagnostic methods and face to face proven teaching methods. In the class environment we assess your abilities in strength, flexibility and motor control; then we address your weaknesses to help you to move better; and finally you apply these skills to your sport, your goal or movement practice. 

GMB directly offers brilliant  online training programs , workshops and  seminars.  Face-to-face classes and workshops are also delivered by an international team of certfied GMB Trainers. Click here for the worldwide schedule of seminars and workshop events.

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Private Duo and Group Coaching sessions for GMB Foundational Mobility and GMB Bodyweight Strength;  Classes and Courses, are also offered as regular events.

Workshop events can be held thoughout Australia. Clubs interested in co-hosting GMB workshop events, please get in touch! 

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Helen Ilich is a certified GMB Trainer.