release, re-energise and refocus

Team Building Bootcamps

​​Team Building Bootcamps: present physical and mental challenge; stress relief; an active break between meetings to re-energise and refocus; and create a sense of camaraderie among Bootcamp participants.​​
Bootcamp workouts are designed to build strength, endurance, and agility and they are a type of High Intensity Interval Training involving alternating high energy exercise and active rest elements, usually with little or no equipment. Workouts vary with harder or easier exercise options, generally including an intense mix of aerobic activity and strength training.
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Stretch Therapy™ Workshops

​​Stretch Therapy™ Workshops: present physical and mental release; relief between meetings to loosen up and refocus; and create interaction among workshop participants​.​​
Structured workshops focusing on body awareness, alignment, posture, static stretches, including whole body releases using safe and effective Stretch Therapy™ techniques. Workshops include solo and partner stretching. Suitable for participants of all levels in order to explore and change personal patterns of tension, to release stress, improve mobility, fitness, and wellbeing. ​​

Conference mini options

Conference Re-energise
Head to toe joint mobilisation, simple balancing and coordination movements to loosen up, refresh and refocus.
20 minutes

No special equipment or attire required

Conference Wind Down
Gentle stretching and breathing techniques to reset posture, relax the mind and body and to unwind.
30 mins

Conference finisher
No special equipment or attire required.

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