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a comprehensive flexibility training system...
for mobility, performance, recovery

Stretching releases muscular tension, prevents injury, assists in injury management, and allays common aches and pains associated with stress, age, sitting for extended periods, or strenuous exercise! The Stretch Therapy™ approach uses the muscles, ligaments and tendons as tools to literally remake what the brain believes is the end range of movement, facilitating significant improvements in the way you move and feel.
Stretch Therapy™ offers participants the opportunity to learn about their own patterns of tension, and how to change them. Feel looser, more relaxed and increase range of movement, to perform everyday functions with ease or even extraordinary movements with grace and efficiency. Stretch Therapy™ methods are safe, efficient and suitable to a full spectrum of participants of all ages, including athletes, sportspeople, dancers, fitness enthusiasts, and for people returning to movement or those entirely new to exercise. 

Discover everything about Stretch Therapy™  www.stretchtherapy.net

Stretch Therapy™ Classes , Performance Stretch and Foundation Stretch courses are currently being offered.

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