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What does strength, flexibility and movement mean to you? Does it mean balancing into a pistol squat? Holding a handstand? Sliding to splits? Roller-skating? Bear walking? Climbing ropes, rocks and mountains? Swinging on bars? Jumping high? Or does it simply mean having healthy posture, looking your amazing best and feeling powerful, confident and light on your feet? People have different aspirations and we each begin our fitness journey at different stages, and therefore we have unique needs and goals. Your individual training program should be tailored to address these specifically. The Flexagility approach to Personal Training will provide you with fun and challenging  workouts, and the tools, motivation and support you need to succeed in finding the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and movement for your own wellbeing.

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​Cardio and Strength Training

Cardiovascular fitness, strength, fat loss, muscle tone

Energetic HIIT and HIT sessions emphasising fundamental movement patterns, incorporating exercise with equipment and body weight, including quadruped multi joint exercises.

Venue CrossFit Katoomba.

One-on-One, client tailored sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. 
Small Group, fun, focussed and intensive sessions for teams of 2 - 3 participants. flexible
​Stretch Therapy™

Body awareness, joint mobilisation, flexibility, muscular release.

Focussed sessions utilising 
Stretch Therapy™ techniques, incorporating dynamic and static exercises

Venue options include CrossFit Katoomba and Exhale Health Space Blackheath.

One-on-One, client tailored sessions to meet your specific needs and goals. 
Small Group, total stretch immersion for groups of 2 - 3 participants.

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​Animal FlowⓇ

Healthy posture, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, stability, agility, power, endurance, mind-body connection, fluidity in movement.

Dynamic sessions of
Animal FlowⓇ quadruped and ground-based locomotion, incorporating: wrist mobilisation; activations; form specific stretches; traveling forms; switches and transitions; and flow 

Venue CrossFit Katoomba.

Small Group,  fun, challenging, multi-planar fitness for groups of 2 - 4 participants.
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